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Solutions & Tools
Our solutions are customized based on each client’s needs. Here you will find an overview of Solutions we have delivered to organizations and individuals.

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Leadership Development

We deliver workshops and onsite/virtual programs on a variety of topics, including:

  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT — The Leadership Circle, Leadership Styles, Leader Coach, Talent Capabilities, Career Experiences.
  • TEAM BUILDINGS — Gamification, Conflict Resolution, Dysfunctions of a team, Building team’s purpose.
  • CONSCIOUS BUSINESS — Based on the pillars of the conscious capitalism movement: PURPOSE, STAKEHOLDERS, LEADERSHIP and CULTURE.
  • DIVERSITY & INCLUSION — Women in Leadership, Implicit Bias, Workplace practices around D&I.
  • CULTURE & CHANGE — Collective Culture Assessment, Readiness for Change, Remote Management, Change Management.
  • HR GOVERNANCE & STRATEGIC PLANNING — Support the organization with the definition of purpose, values, review processes, org structures, roles & responsibilities, staff planning, capabilities review, and development of action plans.

Executive Leadership Coaching Section



Our firm offers Coaching services to middle management and executives in different industries, countries, and company sizes. Our coaches are certified by the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and the ICF – International Coaching Federation.

We have experience working with leaders and managers to address their individual needs. Examples include emerging leaders, newly promoted managers, leaders who are working to improve themselves, manage their teams more effectively, etc.

We have experience coaching in a variety of industries including financial services, banking, fashion, real state, retail, media & entertainment, cosmetics/beauty, consumer goods, entrepreneurs.

Our portfolio of assessment tools include MBTI (Myers-Briggs), Birkman, EQ-I, Leadership Circle, DISC, 360 feedback & stakeholder interviews.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Solutions Assessments Section




Our Portfolio of Assessments are used in Organizational and Leadership Development, and Coaching.

Assessments Logos

Solutions Gamifications Section



We believe in the use of gamification as a solution that simulate reality and allow people to become aware of their behaviors, values and patterns. Participants are able to experience new ways of doing things, in a less structured and informal setting. Some of our games include:

The FreshBiz Game

The overall objective of the game is to allow participants to experience and realize the way they conduct business in work and life in general, their entrepreneurial thinking, how they make decisions, how they work collaborate with others, and what resources they usually count on. It is an opportunity for participants to access, throughout the game, their own beliefs, paradigms, and to think about how they can work better in a society where collaboration, innovation and purpose are key in achieving success.

Purpose Mining Game

The Purpose Mining Game is a tool that allows for self-awareness in “mining” for one’s purpose, and connection with core values and essence. It is done through a board game for up to 6 participants, and can be played for individual purposes, team and organizations.

The Protagonism Game

The Protagonism game is an invitation to experience the hero’s journey model from Joseph Campbell. Each stage of the journey puts us in touch with challenges, discoveries and actions in search of transformation and to achieve a specific goal.

By deepening the experience in each of these steps, participants will explore and broaden their consciousness, awareness of their individual journeys, and the different paths/possibilities. These changes and choices will empower the protagonist journey.


Sotutions Governance Section



Targeted to small/medium size companies, we develop Governance Models, conduct Strategic Planning sessions, establish Performance Management Programs and Engagement Surveys to support company’s growth.

We work with leaders and entrepreneurs in the development of business strategies, including discussions around purpose, mission, vision, values, organizational structure, talent, hiring, and development of action plans.

We support the growth of leaders and businesses, to achieve results through the establishment of strong processes, governance programs, and leadership.


Solutions Career Section



Executive Search

Our main goal in this field is to support individuals who are going through career transitions or looking to make a job/career change. In this process, we help individuals conduct a deep dive of their career values, motivators, strengths and explore different possibilities.

We also work with individuals who are looking to succeed in their field of work and increase their performance, i.e., improve skills on time management, organization, prioritization, execution, amongst others.

OUTPLACEMENT includes the following services:

  • Resume writing
  • LinkedIn building/review
  • Job Search
  • Market Intelligence
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Development of a Personal Brand
  • Networking Strategies

We have an online outplacement solution to help companies in their restructuring initiatives.

Solutions Circle Profile Section



  • Universal leadership consulting model
  • The world’s only fully integrated leadership model and tool
  • Over 125,000 leaders have used the TLC Profile in their development
  • Experience in over 1,400 organizations, worldwide, to include F500, not for profits, and many others
  • An assessment based on research proven leadership traits and dimensions
  • Identifies strengths to build upon; Highlights gaps in awareness
  • Shows the impact of your leadership style on others
  • Links thinking and behavior
Executive Search
Leadership Circle Profile


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Happiness is not pleasure, it is the joy you feel moving toward your potential.

— Shawn Achor